A fully integrated digital advertising agency specialising in PPC, SEO, Website builds and Social media. We create the conversation around your brand online.
The difference? We are a Club.

Why The Club?

The Club gives you access to member’s shared expertise in the social context of a Club. We’re here to make online advertising more enjoyable and to deliver improved Results for our members.

We have 332 combined years of experience in digital advertisement.

Membership is by invitation-only and is exclusively offered to companies we believe can reap the benefits of the Club’s unique structure.

What we do

We’ve grown up immersed in every aspect of the internet and its rapidly changing technology and platforms.

We are specialists in:

  • Adaptation - your strategy needs to match the pace at which the industry is growing. Whether it’s growing your social campaigns or acquiring lower costing clients via paid search – we can help.
  • Anything Digital - from Paid Search, Search Engine optimisation and Social Media to managing your brand reputation online. We also provide the basics like Web Design.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

UK digital Ad spend in 2015*:

  • Exceeded £8 billion with an increase of over 1 million year-on-year.
  • Increased by 16.4% on a like for like basis.
  • Mobile market exceeded £2 billion with an increase of £996 million year-on-year.

Google PSP Partnership

The Advertising Club is a Google Premier SME Partner alongside a small handful of other partners globally.

This means we are a certified AdWords expert which in turn allows us to reach the audiences that matter most to your business.

Find out more about our partnership with Google here.

*Source: Research conducted by IAB/PwC
  • Understanding your goals
    Our team of qualified Google AdWords consultants will build your campaign – but only once we understand your business like it’s our own.
  • Campaign set-up
    Campaigns are run on all the main search engines including Google & Bing. We provide complete transparency – so you can see the true value of your spend and the results that it is driving.
  • Monitoring and reporting
    We provide you with detailed reporting & analysis to help you understand exactly how your campaign is working.
  • Optimisation
    Our tracking isn’t limited to just one attribution model – we can tell you the entire user journey and how much was spent at each part so you can make informed decisions on where we spend your budget.

We 'get' Social

Social media is increasingly hard to define and consumers are now more connected – and more influential – than ever.

We have an innate understanding of social media – helping you deliver campaigns that engage audiences, create conversations and boost your online brand reputation.

  • Facebook
    Potentially the most powerful social tool in your company’s toolbox. Well yes – but only if you know how to target your audience effectively and efficiently using the platform.
  • Twitter
    The fastest way to generate an instant online conversation worldwide, bar none. We can help you leverage the rapid, continuous flow of communication that is Twitter.
  • Instagram
    We can show you how to use imagery to interact with customers on this part-editing /part-social platform. And unleash the power of your hashtags!
  • Google+
    We will show you how to take advantage of Google+ ‘circles’ and the nifty Google integration features from Blogger to YouTube.
  • Snapchat
    A simplistic app with an impressive reach, Snapchat continues to grow in popularity. The potential it holds for businesses/brands wanting to find new ways to advertise to their relevant audience is still very much untapped.

Responsive Web Design

Experts in multi-screen delivery

Our team of technical and creative magicians have the know-how to make your digital presence shine, creating beautiful web designs that function perfectly across desktops, smartphones and tablets. Give us a call today to get your site ready for the new world of digital.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Carefully selected keywords and skilful positioning can make your brand stand out among the crowd and increase traffic. We can provide guidance and help you track the important stuff.

Mobile Applications

It’s no secret that there are millions upon millions of mobile applications available in the app marketplace across a number of different platforms, which at the speed they are continuing to multiply by shows no sign of any let-up.

However what is a guarded secret is how to ensure that out of all those apps your app gets the attention it deserves by the right people, that’s where we come in. We can work with you to create bespoke and innovative apps that will never fall out of fashion.

Last month The Advertising Club generated

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How we work

Our clients come to us for smart thinking and the inside track on what's new in digital
  • Understand
    We work with you to identify where you are and where you want to be.
  • Design
    We create a customised strategy to address your objectives.
  • Build/Develop
    We put the plan into action across the chosen platforms.
  • Monitor
    We conduct regular analysis of the facts to monitor the success of the strategy.
  • Evaluate
    We help identify what has – and hasn’t – worked.
  • Report
    And finally, we present it all back to you with the key elements included (and the boring bits left out).
“Move fast and break things. Unless you're breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”
Mark Zuckerberg
Drop in for a coffee and a chat
Are you looking for an invite to the club? Let us know what you are looking to do. If we can help, then an invite will be on its way.


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